Criminal   Justice   Plan

Our communities have been in crisis far too long; we are over-policed and under-protected. We must reform every single part of the criminal justice system that will include increased diversity and transparency. My priority in the Council will be to reduce the size and role of the police and shift the budget to fund: affordable housing, social services, education, workforce development, mental and physical healthcare.

  1. Strengthen the public's role on the precinct community council to increase local policing accountability.

  2. Create a police commission that includes a diversity of interest that builds support for public safety and not the militarization of policing in our city.

  3. Strengthen the role of the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) to initiate investigations without receiving a formal complaint as Citizens Union recommended. Without this reform, people will not report police misconduct due to fear that nothing would change about policing in our city. The CCRB will also be allowed to penalize/reprimand and fire police officers for misconduct and criminal activity. 

  4. Pass the Right to Know Act, the legislative package that would improve communication between police and civilians, by requiring officers to identify themselves during an encounter, state their reason for making a stop and explain the right to refuse a search, where there is no legal justification.

  5. Increase state and federal governments support for body cams

  6. Improve the effective use of body cams to insure greater transparency in police encounters 

  7. Reform and defund the police force starting with a hiring freeze. With a reduced police force, I will work to provide an opportunity for mental health and homeless interactions to be handled by mental health professionals.

  8. End the prosecution of fare evaders. No one should be sitting in jail for not being able to afford public transportation. Diverting repeat offenders to community service programs, instead of prosecuting them, is less costly for our city and better for the future of these individuals.

  9. Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence:

  • Protect and support victims of domestic violence as they seek safe housing by eliminating the landlord’s zero-tolerance loophole, where landlords justify evictions of everyone living in a unit, where criminal activity has taken place. This unfairly targets victims of domestic violence.

  • Provide stronger support for Family Justice Centers, walk-in centers that provide free and confidential assistance to victims of sex trafficking and other crimes. 

  • Pass (woman bitten on forehead and employer youth killed) legislation to train business owners in recognizing signs of abuse toward their customers, by others entering their businesses.