Economic   Development   Plan

District 9 is home to a diverse, exciting and thriving small business community. Our local small businesses have helped to create a better future for our residents and support for our small business owners must be expanded.  Small businesses are the largest sector for employment and will ensure that workers’ rights are important too.  All of the business corridors, i.e., 106 Street, 110 Street, 116 Street, 125 Street, 135 Street and 145 Street, must have full support to grow and support the needs of the district residents.

  1. Support for businesses and workers alike must happen in a post covid economy.

  2. Every resident should be aware that employment planning and support is a central service of our city.

  3. Universal Basic Income must be implemented to make our city a more equitable place and support our recovery from the COVID pandemic. 

  4. Reform the Commercial Rent Tax, to exempt business owners, located south of 96th Street, who pay less than $500,000 per year, from the current threshold of $250,000.

  5. Establish a new public-private partnership that provides 1,000 small businesses with free advisory committees composed of volunteers who are experts in key fields as well as technical assistance training to support, including technical assistance. 

  6. Create and distribute a free toolkit for small businesses that includes vetted back-end products, i.e. inventory management, payroll, employment support and other associated needs to ensure that entrepreneurs can spend more time working on their businesses, not in their businesses.

  7. Protections for workers:

    • Support prevailing wage and organizing rights for all workers in New York City

    • Support and highlight businesses and employer models that commit to providing workers with a minimum number of work hours and sufficient advance notice of last-minute schedule changes (in contrast to companies that use "just-in-time" and split shift scheduling)

    • Empower individuals to negotiate fair salaries and ensure gender parity by exploring the creation of an online database based on city tax data. To protect the privacy of individuals, the site would list salary information by job title only for the companies that employ 50 or more employees.