Education   Plan

A zip code should never determine the quality of childcare and the educational opportunities available to families. Segregation must end now.  Our children deserve an education that prepares them for a successful future that includes access to broadband, STEM training and financial literacy tools. The City is responsible for engaging parents, maintaining facilities and playgrounds and ensuring nutritional meal programs. There must be increased funding for our city schools and a sustained commitment to educational equity.

  1. Charter schools are an option to improve public education.  We must ensure that charters and traditional public schools are collaborating which leads to equal equity in public education.

  2. Remove all guns from schools and employ more social workers and mental health professionals into schools.

  3. Create legislation that forces DOE to increase school wide focus on the use of alternative discipline practices and college and career readiness coursework which will put an end to the school-to-prison pipeline.

  4. Bridging the digital divide by planning, developing and implementing a solid pathway for post covid learning

  5. Increasing federal and state funding on an equitable level for our schools

  6. Provide a citywide after-school financial literacy program to educate students, starting at middle school, about student loans, savings, credit and budgeting.

  7. Expand outreach and improve opportunities for students and their families to become more familiar with STEM career paths and programs as early as elementary school.

  8. Utilize public-private partnerships to expand the New York Public Library’s Hotspot Loan Program, which will ensure that children have the adequate broadband service required to successfully complete their homework.