Environmental   Plan

New York City has a goal to become carbon neutral by 2050 and District 9 will lead the way by creating green jobs, incentivising solar energy, and pushing for Leed certification across the district. We can no longer tarry as we fight this climate emergency as it continues on its path of destruction. I will work to build a Harlem that is sustainable and tends to the needs of all of our residents. A greener Harlem means a greener New York.

  1. Creating green jobs by incentivising solar energy in Harlem

  2. Passing Leed Certification in NYC (Intro 864A & 874A) 

  3. Passing Renewable Rikers Act (Intro 1591, 1592 & 1593) 
    advocating for the state to pass Energy Efficiency, Equity, and Jobs Act (Senate Bill S8052)


  4. Push for legislation to increase the use of electric garbage trucks in order to reduce emissions. Electric heavy equipment is a key way for the city to reduce emissions. Electric garbage trucks, like other electric vehicles, can help reduce air pollution that’s linked to thousands of premature deaths in the city each year. The technology could also help the city work toward its goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. By 2040, the city is planning to electrify its entire fleet. In a new pilot, the city is testing the new LR Electric from Mack, seeing how it performs on a typical 12-hour route through 20-25 miles of busy streets. In some ways, garbage collection is well-suited for electrification: The constant starts and stops mean that regenerative braking—where energy from the brakes helps charge the battery—is especially potent. Electric motors also work particularly well at low speeds. And the routes are predictable, with time for the trucks to charge when they’re not in use.

  5. I believe a greener New York is a pathway to greater equity and growth. Green retrofitting of housing stock and resiliency measures as workforce training and job opportunities for underserved populations. Publicly owned, democratically controlled energy system for New York like the one in SB 7273 are the way forward. I support a wealth tax to fund a bailout and retraining fund for workers economically harmed by climate change. I support apprenticeship programs and incentives for green construction and retrofitting companies to ensure unionized community jobs in neighborhoods undergoing development.

  6. I support the five borough Resiliency Bill