Housing   Plan

We live in the greatest city in the country and it is only natural that people are relocating here to take advantage of our booming economy and high quality of life. While growth provides new opportunities and diversity, it must be tempered with tough decision-making when it comes to development. New Yorkers are tired of city policies that offer sweetheart deals to luxury developers while giving local residents the run-around. New construction in our district should reflect the rhythm and character of our neighborhoods, and must include permanent affordable housing units for seniors, students, working families, and people with disabilities. 

  1. Protecting NYCHA housing stock by funding repairs and remediation, organize local leaders to pressure state legislators and federal 

  2. Increasing affordability by changing the affordability guidelines to favor working families, reforming AMI to fit local standards of income

  3. Negotiating with developers to convert vacant luxury housing

  4. Create paid resident-run “neighborhood watch” patrols to create local jobs, ensure community safety, and reduce building vandalism (NYCHA).

  5. Expand programs that support NYCHA-based home businesses, using the NYCHA Food Business Pathways program as a model.

  6. Prevent homelessness before it starts by investing in affordable housing and moving long-term street homeless individuals directly into subsidized, supportive housing that provides mental health services, debt counseling, legal and job support services.

  7. Learn from and invest in proven models that provide targeted supportive housing services for homeless individuals and families such as the Scattered Site Housing Model. 

  8. A greener New York is a pathway to greater equity and growth. Green retrofitting of housing stock and resiliency measures as workforce training and job opportunities for underserved populations. Publicly owned, democratically controlled energy system for New York like the one in SB 7273 are the way forward. I support a wealth tax to fund a bailout and retraining fund for workers economically harmed by climate change. I support apprenticeship programs and incentives for green construction and retrofitting companies to ensure unionized community jobs in neighborhoods undergoing development.

  9. We must increase the stock of deeply affordable housing and partner with CBOs to make all housing programs fully available and visible to all communities. HDFC and community land trusts, and all other forms of public housing provision must be maximized and funded.