Why   I'm   Running

I am running to represent Harlem, from the east, west, north and south, which is the 9th District of the New York City Council.  I want to be the Harlem voice in our city.  I am deeply rooted in this community and invested in the future of Harlem because better Harlem means a better New York. I am running because I believe that by working together at all levels of community and government, we can assure that this city belongs to all of us. I have been a community leader most of my life and all of my adult life.  As an educator, I have seen how our children can succeed and how there still exist systemic obstacles that impede hope for their great futures.  As the Harlem Democratic District Leader, I know that an engaged electorate can claim its power and use it to determine its own leadership.  As a former elections chief, I know that representation matters when it comes to protecting our democracy.  Our communities have been in crisis far too long; we are over-policed and under-protected. I have always put work over words and that is why I am running to serve District 9.