Seniors   Plan

  1. Launch a robust outreach campaign to educate seniors about Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) benefits since a Department of Finance report found that Harlem is one of the most under-enrolled neighborhoods in the city, with only 25% of eligible seniors receiving benefits.

  2. Create additional Senior Centers in District 9 and fund programming on weekends for our Senior Centers. 

  3. Establish a public-private partnership to scale senior-focused technology centers like the first-of-its-kind Senior Planet Center, which provides seniors with social connections and education around technology and health.   

  4. Convene organizations that promote Home Sharing for seniors to identify best practices and interventions that can be used to scale safe, sustainable cohabitation that combats the isolation and loneliness experienced by aging alone.

  5. Commit to listening to community needs through a quarterly convening for seniors in District 9 to discuss priority issues impacting senior quality of life